Curriculum for N00bs

Below is a suggested curriculum we put together for n00bs. Work through this roadmap from beginning to end and become a coding rock star! We estimate that it should take any where between 2 to 6 months to complete this roadmap depending on how much time you devote to studying. Everything is either free or super affordable so no excuses. If you need help come out to our collaborative coding sessions, sign up for one of our study groups or join the language specific Google groups that we set up for HTML + CSS, JavaScript and Ruby.

Start with the basics, learn HTML + CSS

  • Complete Codecademy’s Web Fundamentals track
  • Project: Build a personal website that includes a photo of yourself, where you’re from, why you’re learning to code, list some of your favorite songs, movies, hobbies etc.. Also include a section where you can share links to the projects you’ll be building while going through this curriculum.


Take it to the next level by learning JavaScript + jQuery


Learn how to work with APIs


Get familiar with the basics of Git

  • Sign up for GitHub
  • Work through TryGit from beginning to end
  • Project: Create a new repository and add your personal website to GitHub


Learn the Ruby Programming Language

  • Work your way through Try Ruby
  • Read and complete Chris Pine’s free book, Learn to Program
  • Project: Build a Blackjack game in Ruby and add it to GitHub


Learn Web Development with Ruby on Rails


Venture out on your own!

  • Build your own web app from scratch and launch it
  • Contribute to an open source project or two
  • Become a mentor to someone going through this roadmap