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Our Community

Passionate about learning how to code, creating beautiful designs or building the prototype for your business idea and tired of doing it alone? Then this is the group for you!   Code Crew is the perfect resource for people serious about learning how to code through self-study. We are a group of software engineers, designers and entrepreneurs that enjoy building cool stuff with code at our collaborative coding/pair programming sessions. We currently have members building with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, PHP, Objective C and more. So come join us and meet some cool and interesting people while picking up a new skill!

Our Programs


Workshops, Classes + Courses

To help our community get started developing programming skills we provide affordable workshops, courses and classes. Topics include how to build your first website to how to build your first iOS app. If you're not sure where to start and prefer classroom instruction then taking one of our workshops is a great place to start.

Tech Talks

To help our community gain access to thought leaders in the technology industry we provide tech talks. Topics range from introductions to popular programming languages to best practices in software engineering and design. These sessions are meant to promote dialogue and the sharing of knowledge between members of the tech community.

Study Groups + Social Outings

We meet for collaborative coding sessions and study groups, form hackathon teams to crush the biggest hackathons and like to kick back every now and then for a few drinks. Find out more about what we like to together to take a break when we're not busy cranking out code by joining our meetup group.

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